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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

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Reverend Rebecca A. Nagy, Director

Golden Quest Mystery School

Due to our current "stay at home" status, Reverend Rebecca is now offering weekly Inspirational Messages and Transformative Healing Meditation

Beginning Sunday, April 5 - July 26, 2020 1:00 PM via Zoom:

We will also be offering online sessions and classes! Visit our website for more information.

The Golden Quest Mystery School encompasses a synthesis of the teachings of the Masters of Wisdom of both East and West with the most up-to-date discoveries of Quantum Physics and Spirituality for a NEW These are the true wisdom teachings that have been passed down from "mouth to ear" for those whose consciousness was ready to receive these truth teachings.

Courses combine the study of The Ageless Wisdom with Quantum Physics and Esoteric Healing including Theosophy, The Masters and The Seven Rays, The Kybalion and Universal Law, the Qabala and White Magic, Esoteric Astrology and Numerology, Past Lives and the Akashic Records, Esoteric Meditation, Dream Study and more!

Individual Spiritual Counseling in Past Lives and Dreams are also offered.