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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

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Habitual Roots

Habitual Roots Inc.

PO Box 189017
Charlotte, NC 28218

At Habitual Roots, we believe that we are in charge of our own well-being and that we all have the ability to deliberately take action to better ourselves day in and day out. As humans, we are dynamic and powerful, yet imperfect. It is with this understanding that components of compassion and resilience come into play and are to be practiced.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are committed to empowering those in need by serving as the integration point of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and positive habits of self care. We help put the ā€˜uā€™ back in human by supporting mental and emotional wellness through methods of self-exploration and authentic connection. We offer personalized holistic wellness programs and a supportive community for those seeking a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. It's our goal to make mental and emotional wellness fun, accessible, and stigma-free.