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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

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Rising StrongHER

1708 Chatham Ave
Charlotte, NC 28278

What we offer

Age positive, body positive, compassionate, transformational classes, workshops, retreats, health coaching and acupuncture both in person and virtually. We utilize the tried and true practices of gentle yogic movement, meditation, breath work, nutrition, energy work, process work and other mindful practices to create big and small shifts in our clients lives. Listen to our podcast, join our private Facebook group or one of many offerings to start making positive changes in your life today.

Meet Sara & Wendy

Sara & Wendy, co-founders of Rising StrongHER, have been empowering, guiding and supporting women through yoga, meditation, coaching, acupuncture and mindful practices combined for 40+ years. Sara and Wendy do their best to walk the talk while staying real and shattering any notions of perfectionism. They’ve been there with breast cancer, divorce, parenting, opening and closing businesses, loss of a parent and at the same time strive to live meaningful, vibrant, joyous and authentic lives.