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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

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Adrienne Craighead

TorchBearer Tachyon Chamber

19900 S Main St
Unit 4 - Suite E
Cornelius, NC 28031

TorchBearer Tachyon exists to help humans achieve greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment. The founders discovered the amazing benefits of tachyons while on a personal journey to ease some physical health challenges (poor sleep, brain fog, lethargy) and some mental health challenges (depression and anxiety).

Tachyons are a sub-atomic particle that travels faster than the speed of light and they have a profound healing effect on our body, mind and soul.

Curious to know what it FEELS like to be embraced by Source? Seeking a deeper connection to your "Higher Self" and the "All That Is"? Open to a spiritual journey that brings you greater illumination and allows you to accelerate your powers of manifestation?

Please trust your intuition and book your session on our website today. (45 mins for $111)