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Recycle Right Meck County

FREE Recycling Webinar by Mecklenburg County Educators

An interactive presentation and dialogue with Mecklenburg County residents on how to Recycle Right. The program is about 40 minutes, but typically requires an extra 15 minutes for questions.

The program includes:

1. An overview of the residential curbside recycling process in Meck county.

2. Challenges and costs of improper recycling. How residents can help!

3. What is and is not recyclable.

4. Interactive/fun game to solidify learning and clarify common misinformation.

5. Ample time for audience questions and dialogue.

This presentation is appropriate for teens and adults. Younger children may not understand the content, but are welcome to listen.

Max capacity 100

REGISTRATION REQUIRED to receive webinar participation link:

Hosted by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library System