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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

A Good Death For Yourself and Others Class

A Good Death Class

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A Good Death. Let’s face it, we all want one for ourselves and loved ones. This class is a gentle, fun exploration of ideas and thoughts on what a good death is and how to achieve it for yourself and others.

We can never start earlier enough with planning for our death. When the time comes for ourselves, we wish we had done more. When the time comes to help another, we wish we knew more.

We may not be able to take this trip for another, but we can do things to ‘upgrade’ their travels making the journey easier, more comfortable and help them feel loved in the process. We can help do this for ourselves, as well. The presentation will provide practical components as well as tips, thoughts, tools and resources for the many aspects of this transition. We’ll address things here which help in the physical, but also practical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of transition. Time for discussion, sharing and Q&A.

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Date & Time

March 23, 2021

6:30PM - 8:30PM

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