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Martial Arts & Fitness

Martial Arts and Fitness have been going hand in hand for centuries, as far back as the Yellow Emperor some nine thousand years ago. What did they know then that we can use today for health and fitness? Plenty!

For centuries China has kept its secrets of health and longevity, from the Taoist with their search for immortality to the Shou Lin Temple for their fighting skills. This knowledge was hidden and protected by a code of honor.

The Chinese saw the power and grace in the movements of animals and the way they kept themselves healthy by stretching and eating for survival not for pleasure. They observed how the animals conserved their energy and only moved when they had to. The Masters studied what the animals ate when they were sick or injured. This led to the development of not only the martial arts but herbal medicine.

Today these “Secrets” have been passed down to us by “Masters” who do not want to see this ancient knowledge lost.

Martial arts training looks at health and fitness in an entirely different way than we here in the west. Chinese believe that health comes from the inside out and not the other way around. Building a strong and healthy immune system, strong bones, joints, ligaments, nerves and organs, the body is strengthened and becomes supple like a child. This is extremely important to the elderly. Every day we hear of someone losing their balance, falling, and breaking a hip or leg. These unfortunate conditions could be lessened by martial arts training.

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal martial art that allows the body to adapt to stress to the joints. By practicing slow and focused movements, the body adapts to the stress and strengthens joints and muscles. Tai Chi balances the body’s imbalances and brings together not only body but the spirit as well. Breathing training in Tai Chi Chaun is well known as “Chi Kung” and has been proven to help lower stress and blood pressure. The Tai Chi Chaun diet stresses balance in the foods we eat and the proper proportions and balance.

Shou Lin Wu Su is first an external system developed to defend against bandits and political harassment. There are many legends about how and when their skills were acquired, but the training passed down has with stood the test of time. Shou Lin stresses the strength and power and flexibility of the five animals: Tiger, Crane, Snake, Dragon, and Leopard. $

Many studies have proven the health and fitness benefits of martial arts training. In the late 50’s men and women who suffered from chronic ailments were treated exclusively with Chinese Therapeutic Exercise and Chi Gung breathing techniques and the results showed a cure rate of an astounding ninety percent. Control groups treated by more conventional methods failed to show a similar result.

In the west, more and more people have come to realize the health and fitness of martial arts training and have incorporated many of these training methods into their daily routine. As a result of these changes most people have reduced their stress levels and lowered their blood pressure, and reversed chronic back ache. Their lack of energy has increased and their once depressed outlook on life has changed dramatically.

Take it from the “Old Masters,” Martial Arts fitness training will change your life in all aspects. And here is the good news for all: Age doesn’t matter. Start slow with a good teacher and a happier and healthier life will be yours.

Source: Sifu Robert ”Doc” Savage

Additional Information: Sifu Robert ”Doc” Savage, L.M.T., has trained Chinese Martial Arts for 40 years. He trains and has a successful massage practice located at Executive Fitness in Fort Walton Beach. You can contact SiFu Doc at 850- 301-3500.

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