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Laser Acupuncture: The Healing Power of Light

Light has been used for therapeutic purposes for hundreds of years in India, China, the Middle East and Mesoamerica. In ancient Greece it was called heliotherapy, from helios meaning the sun, and therapeutic solariums were common practice in the middle ages.

By merging the ancient tradition of acupuncture with the latest Western technological developments, laser acupuncture has become a highly effective therapeutic modality using focused light to treat various conditions. It is FDA approved, non-invasive, pain free, safe and has minimal contraindications.

Laser light differs from ordinary visible light in that it is monochromatic – a production of a single color or wavelength. It is focused, while normal light tends to diffuse around the environment. The coherent light produced by a laser is made up of waves of the same wavelength and all in step with each other. The result is higher photon (light) density and deeper penetration into the tissues.  

The basic principle of laser therapy is that cells have the ability to respond to light stimulation and to transform photons or light radiation into biochemical responses. In other words, cells talk to one another by way of weak electro-magnetic radiation and light energy.

Research discovered that body cells are light sensitive and receptive at various frequencies for different body tissues. For example, the visible red and near red portion of the light spectrum is primarily absorbed by melanin in the skin, hemoglobin in the blood and superficial tissues, whereas infrared light is better absorbed by the deeper tissues like muscles, ligaments and bones. 

Acupuncture points are areas of maximum absorption of energy, and the use of laser light to these areas provides for optimal saturation of photons or light energy into the tissues. Cells are provided with more energy and are in better condition to initiate a natural healing response. The acupuncture Chi channels, being the preferential medium for the transmission of electro-magnetic energy, respond beautifully to the application of laser light, providing for greater therapeutic results.

Exposure to laser light can cause various physiologic responses in the body, including relief of acute and chronic pain, reduction of inflammation, swelling and edema, increase in blood micro-circulation, enhanced cellular energy and tissue healing and repair. Conditions commonly treated with laser therapy include arthritis and tendonitis, fibromyalgia, soft tissue injuries, plantar fasciatis, carpel tunnel and skin conditions.

Camilo Sanchez is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist. He owns Tao Energy Arts in Ballantyne and can be reached at 704-542-8088 or

Local Contributor: Camilo Sanchez

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