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Dr. Pankaj Naram – Taking Ayurveda Around the World

Dec 16, 2008 05:48PM
By Lisa Moore

India’s most renowned Ayurvedic physician will visit Charlotte October 14 for individual consultations as part of a 40-city world tour he makes semi-annually. Ayurveda, a life science, is the world’s oldest healthcare system, which originated in India.

The mission of Naram’s Ayushakti Ayurveda USA is to spread the power of Ayurveda in eradicating chronic physical, mental and emotional health problems. “By sharing the ancient science of Ayurveda in the United States, we invite people to transform their lives, so they can experience vibrant health, happiness and prosperity,” says Naram.

At his Ayushakti Ayurveda Health Centers in India, Naram treats 300-400 patients a day.  In addition, he has centers in 12 countries and has treated over 200,000 patients globally. What sets Naram apart is that he is a highly gifted master in the ancient practice of Ayurvedic pulse evaluation. Only a few top-notch practitioners learn this subtle art, which requires intuition as well as knowledge and skill.

“The lost ancient art of pulse reading tells you what is happening in your body, mind and emotions now and how they are working. It has a language which can tell you about 350 problems,” Naram notes. To be able to work on this vibrational level requires a deep connection with the higher self. Naram uses meditation to focus. “It take two hours to prepare each day to read a pulse,” he states.

“I observe and see a person totally through the pulse — his body, his mind, his emotions —and then I work on those aspects one-to-one with that person,” says Naram, who has treated both the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa.

The rise to the top of his field was challenging at first. After graduating from an Ayurvedic college in his mid-twenties, he was frustrated that his patients weren’t achieving the results he desired. Naram himself was overweight, exhausted, going bald and had poor eyesight. A chance meeting with a 115-year old Tibetan monk named Baba Ramdas completely changed his life.

Through intense training, Baba Ramdas taught Naram the science and art of pulse reading, enabling him to instantly discern the energetic imbalances that cause illness and disease. Before he died, Baba Ramdas passed on all the knowledge of his 2000-year old lineage to Naram and his wife, Smita, making Naram the current head of this lineage of Ayurvedic masters.

Today Pankaj Naram is a living example of the knowledge he preaches and practices in life – full of energy and in excellent health. As a physician, his gentle demeanor and compassion put patients at ease. His first step is to determine each patient’s dosha, or constitution, from the pulse.

Once he has done a pulse evaluation, Naram recommends diet and lifestyle changes for each patient’s specific constitution. He typically prescribes herbal formuals recommended in the ancient Ayurvedic documents called the Siddha Veda. His wife Smita, an Ayurvedic master and licensed pharmacologist, oversees the cultivation and manufacturing of all the Ayushakti herbs, which are tested to meet international standards for heavy metals, microorganisms, and other international parameters for health products.

“All the herbs are gathered as far away from any possible pollutants and according to instructions given in the Siddha Veda – harvested at specific times of the year and particular times of the day or evening. They are harvested in ecologically friendly ways,” notes Naram. Prayers are even chanted while the herbs are prepared.

Naram also utilizes a powerful technique called marma shakti, a therapy that works with 108 subtle and sensitive energy points to open energy channels in the body. “Marma’s effects are profound and can create dramatic shifts in the body,” Naram states. “And what are the side effects?  You have to live a long life with energy, enthusiasm and tranquility!”

Naram believes that many diseases are rooted in a stressful lifestyle. “My master says the world is changing, creating more stress. In America more things are changing. India doesn’t change as often,” he recalls. “It is important to have a shock absorber for less stress. My herbs are created to have lots of immunity and circulation.”

Seva, or service, is of great importance to Naram. He and his wife support many humanitarian projects at home and abroad. He created Serving Those Who Serve, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of workers and volunteers who served at Ground Zero and related sites. The program offers an immune-building detoxification program free of charge.

One of his great loves is animals, both domestic and exotic, and he even uses pulse diagnosis to treat them. A percentage of his income is donated to care for animals and ecology.

Dr. Naram has offered hope and health to thousands through Ayurveda, successfully treating infertility, heart conditions, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, spondylitis and other chronic illnesses. His goal is to spread the wonders of ayurveda globally and asserts that it is “time tested and proven.”

“My dream is to bring health and happiness and every home. To bring peace to this world we must start in the home,” concludes Naram. 

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