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He's a Magic Man

Jun 01, 2010 12:39AM

Steve Nelson: Astrologer, Celebrationist, Wizard

By Lisa Moore

Emerald City isn’t the only place with a wizard. The Queen City has one of it’s very own.

Steve Nelson, a local icon and professional astrologer, has long been known around town as “The Wizard” because of his identity with the Magician archetype and his fervent belief that we all have the ability to make magic happen. Through his work he helps people understand personal myths and realize natural abilities, and at play he celebrates his beloved city.

Born on the 4th July in 1947, his part Cherokee mother passed away when he was three. He was raised by his Aunt Maude, an eccentric half Cherokee woman who made an indelible impression on him. Nelson describes her as a legendary storyteller, psychic medium and folk witch who got kicked out of church in her 20’s for dancing.

“While I didn't think too much of such ‘superstition’ at the time, this early education in astrological folk wisdom ultimately played a big part in what I do,” says Nelson, 62. To this day, you cannot have a conversation with Nelson without hearing a colorful recollection of his Aunt Maude.

A self-described nerd, Nelson was fascinated with astronomy throughout his childhood. He didn't believe in astrology but was still interested in how the physical properties of the planets so neatly mirrored the qualities of the gods and goddesses for which they're named.

After a stint in the Air Force and acquiring degrees in psychology and biology, Nelson found teachers that deepened his knowledge in Jungian psychology and astrology and he was on his way.

He is also a well-versed scholar on everything from chemistry to history to mathematics. However, Nelson claims he doesn’t hold this complex information in his head. Instead, he uses a “trick” to recall this knowledge that has to do with finding parallel patterns in all areas of knowledge. He claims anyone can learn it. Easy for him to say, he’s a wizard.

Today, Nelson considers himself a Mythic Astrologer and has an international following. His work blends mythology, Tarot, name analysis, shamanism, numerology and traditional astrology along with the wisdom of Aunt Maude. Want to know the best time to take a vacation, start a business or get married? He’s your man.

It’s in the Stars

A reading with Nelson will make your head spin and your jaw drop - in a good way. He weaves mythology, astrology and arcane knowledge with details of your personal archetype to leave you with greater self-understanding than most professional therapy sessions.

At the very least you will consider that you are indeed a part of ancient knowledge, and at the most you will use this compelling information to further your life on many levels.

Nelson’s underlying tool is the natal chart, a planetary snapshot that shows the positions of the stars at your time of birth in the place you were born in.

“I believe our destiny is written in the stars and planets at birth and that the pattern of our natal lights tells the mythic stories of our lives,” says Nelson, who works out of his home office in Myers Park. Still, he maintains an activist view of astrology.

“Our future isn't fixed or determined by the stars, the stars and planets simply reveal to us a range of possibilities to be realized as we choose. The more we know our cycles, the more at choice we become. The way of enlightenment and transformation is written in the birth map. This is a key understanding I enjoy sharing.”

Blame It on the Moon

Early on Aunt Maude taught Nelson about the Moon Signs. He believes cyclic manifestation is the source of everything and the Moon cycle is the ultimate creative cycle key.

“Living in rhythm with the Moon opens up the psychic vision and this is why knowledge of the lunar cycle was suppressed during the time of the Inquisition,” he says. “We're only now beginning to recover from that Dark Age as we rediscover cycles.

All cycles are similar, says Nelson, learn one and you know them all. The primary cycles of creation and growth are the moon cycle and the year. How a cycle begins is most important. All the magic is in the beginning; begin well and the whole cycle goes well, he notes.

“The best way to begin the Moon cycle is to be quiet and go within to find the magic center,” says Nelson, who stays in and doesn’t talk during the Dark of the Moon. “The Full Moon, on the other hand, is the best time to have a party. This was one of my more fun discoveries about the Moon cycle.”

Celebration is Key to Keep the Soul Free

To best reap the creative energy these cycles have, Nelson encourages people to observe and celebrate them individually and collectively.

“In the absence of celebration, psychic and physical tension build up and make us more vulnerable to astral influences and external manipulation,” says Nelson, who calls himself a Celebrationist. “I believe rhythm and ritual celebration are key to awakening and living our true destiny.”

Nelson feels it is more beneficial to hold celebrations in what he calls “natural power spots.” Since 1998, he has been hosting Full Moon drumming circles uptown on the square at Trade and Tryon near the Grande Disc. Nelson believes drumming circles transform discord into harmony and help to heal body, mind and soul.

This area, he says, is the cosmic center of the 360-acre square laid out by Charlotte founder Thomas Polk. It was located intentionally at the crossing point of two important Indian trading paths (hence Trade St) and was always considered a locus of natural power.

“Drumming and dancing under the Full Moon is ancient tradition and gathering at the cross roads on the night of the Full Moon is a universal shamanic tradition,” states Nelson. “Throughout South America you find people lighting candles at the crossroads at this time. This practice is supposed to help realize dreams and heal the community.”

Nelson also leads spirited celebrations for the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and Summer and Winter Solstices at Sacred Grove Retreat near Gold Hill. Because Sacred Grove is on the cosmic 0 Gemini line in the zodiac projected on Earth, he says it's in an area where there is a magnetic inversion, or energy vortex, possibly due to the concentration of quartz there.

Beyond drumming and dancing, a staple of this popular quarterly event is the celebratory bonfire. Nelson says fire helps transmute energy, focuses the energy of the group and connects the group consciousness with the spirit of the Sun.

Nelson is aware of natural power spots because he knows Charlotte like the back of his hand – geographically and historically.

Cosmic Charlotte

As for what Nelson sees in the stars for Charlotte, a Scorpio city, the future is bright indeed. He says everything about Charlotte is special and her future looks bright beginning this month and for many, many years to come.

Knowing cycles repeat themselves, Nelson claims Charlotte is on the upswing. And by appreciating the Queen City’s history, her future becomes clear.

Nelson explains that from the beginning Charlotte was a planned community by cosmic design. They city’s founders were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians and Freemasons who dubbed themselves "the Covenanters" believing it their mission to found a city and align churches to build connection between Heaven and Earth.

Toward this end, Freemason Thomas Polk (Charlotte's first Mayor) surveyed Charlotte, laying out the four wards in the traditional City of Revelation design. This design is based on a nuclear square of 360 acres (granted to Thomas Polk on request by the royal governor) divided into four 90 acre sections (the four wards) to compose the "city four-square" described in the book of Revelation.

After Charlottetown was laid out in this cosmic design the streets were paved with tailings from local gold mines in keeping with biblical tradition of the city paved with gold. Following this, Thomas Polk built the first courthouse at the cosmic center of Trade and Tryon where the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was signed on May 20, 1775. This led to the Philadelphia declaration one year later.

In the Crystal Ball

Knowing cycles repeat themselves, Nelson feels that Charlotte led in revolution and freedom then and Charlotte will lead in revolution and freedom in this new cycle.

“In large part this means willingness to think outside the box; we’ve got that. This also means being challenged to change; we're experiencing this now. Banking and the arts have long been favored in Charlotte, now it's time to perfect these talents and discover new pathways to our success.”

In terms of sustainable living and alternative healthcare, Nelson sees substantial shifts on the horizon.

“There will be a revolution in consciousness leading to greater independence from oil, independent energy resources and enlightened self-care in relation to newly developing medical arts centered through Charlotte,” says Nelson, who follows a Chinese 5-element food alchemy system he counts as key to his physical and psychic health.

“Building on banking, Charlotte's developing primary focus will be energy resource development including hydrogen fuel cells. Technological innovations here in Charlotte will lead the world in new energy development. That's my prediction,” he concludes.

He should know, he’s The Wizard.

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Steve Nelson on June 19th from 5-10pm. Info: Contact Nelson at 704-375-3759, [email protected] or

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