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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Natural Awakenings Charlotte - October 2019

Enjoy the October 2019 edition of Natural Awakenings Charlotte.

In this issue:

Mouth Matters: A Holistic Approach to Oral Health

Holistic dentistry takes into consideration the connections between basic oral care and the overall health of our vital organs affected by the buildup of pernicious bacteria in our gums. Read More » 

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Eco-Flossing: A Healthy Choice for Teeth and the Planet

Popular commercial flosses, some made of Teflon, leach chemicals into the body and don’t biodegrade. Here are some eco-friendly, greener choices for dental hygiene. Read More » 


Rethinking Our Stuff: Moving Toward a Circular Economy

The “circular economy” is all about rethinking the way we make stuff—designing products that can be reused and powering it all with renewable energy. Read More » 

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Jenny Odell on the Importance of Doing Nothing

Visual artist and writer Jenny Odell on her new book, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, and why we must rebel against the seductive pull of 24/7 availability. Read More » 


Spinal Solutions: Chiropractic Care Yields Unexpected Results

Optimal chiropractic care treats the whole person from the inside-out, starting with the nervous system, allowing practitioners to address many conditions that transcend typical expectati... Read More » 


Slow Food Takes Root: Global Movement on Fast Track

Slow Food activists focus on food that is “good, clean and fair”—which also tends to be food that is local, healthy and sustainable. Read More » 



Animal Asanas: Goats on the Yoga Mat

By combining the already beneficial aspects of yoga, goat yoga amplifies the practice through the well-documented benefits of human and animal interaction. Read More » 


The Art of the Nap: Unplugging From Life Without Apology

Allowing the time for daily naps might very well be one of the most beneficial acts of self-care we can give ourselves. Read More » 


Mindfulness in the Classroom: Meditative Training Helps Kids Thrive

A grassroots movement towards meditation in the classroom is happening as emerging research documents the strong positive effects of mindfulness on children's developing brains. Read More » 

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Paws to Consider: Best Friends Waiting for Homes

When we rescue a shelter dog or cat, the life we save may be our own. National Shelter Pet Month offers a window into the physical and emotional health benefits of pets. Read More » 



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