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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Charlotte Area Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening

Nov 22, 2019 05:17PM ● By Shannon McKenzie

The Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening, in Huntersville, which holds Sunday services at 11 a.m., supports the upliftment of humanity by teaching practical spirituality and an awareness of one’s “BE’ing”, rather than one’s doing. Offering a focus on an internal state of peace and calm, happiness and grace that sustains individuals, they strive to create dynamic changes in people’s lives and the world by allowing this inward state of grace to guide the creation of our outward reality, and teaching universal spiritual truths of one power, one presence by whatever name one gives it (God, Jesus, Spirit, Love, Universe). 

All events and services are guided by their core values of love, acceptance, diversity, inclusion and working together to live our best life by living the truth we know. They choose to “Be the Change” by changing ourselves and therefore being the love that is needed right now in our world.  

Rev. Christy Snow says, “We can live a life fueled by passion and directed by purpose, once we realize we are the ones creating the circumstances of our lives. Living from that empowered place, we can profoundly affect positive change for our planet.”


Donations/tithes are accepted to support the ministry. Location: Magnolia Woods, 12125 Statesville Rd. See live-stream of each Sunday service on Facebook. For more information, call 980-292-1062, email [email protected] or visit 

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