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Discounted Red Light Therapy Now Available at Ahlara

As a leader in the field of health and well-being, Ahlara International, located in Mooresville, is offering cutting-edge red-light therapy at a 50 percent discount through the end of 2020. This holistic treatment supplements the light received from the environment with concentrated wavelengths of red and near-infrared frequencies. A wide range of natural health benefits can result, such as increased energy production, reduction of inflammation, improved strength and endurance, increased brain function, restoration of damaged tissues and more.

Other holistic healing modalities at Ahlara include the amethyst BioMat, which enhances spiritual development; the shungite mat, which is believed to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and EMF exposure, purify water and relieve emotional stress; and the Giza pyramid, which deepens the meditative state as it reduces stress, improves energy, increases clarity and amplifies prayers.

Practitioners at Ahlara also offer sessions in meditation, reiki, Theta Healing and other private sessions, as well as classes, workshops and special events. Ahlara has been serving the Charlotte/Lake Norman area for 15 years, with spa services, exclusive boutique items and an outstanding collection of crystals.

Location: 155 Joe Knox Ave., Mooresville. For more information or appointments, call 704-662-0946 or visit Mention “Natural Awakenings” to receive discount on Red-Light Therapy. 

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