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Local Amy Gray-Cunningham Offers Soul Realignment Sessions

Amy Gray-Cunningham is now offering Akashic Record Readings, in particular Soul Realignment Sessions, a unique modality created by Andrrea Hess that helps us understand who we are at the soul level and who we were created to be at our soul’s origination. 

It’s “a superhighway of direct access to our soul’s history,” says Gray-Cunningham, an advanced certified Soul Realignment Practitioner and the author of Daring to Believe—a Memoir of a Living Kidney Donor. “Every choice, decision and experience we’ve ever had or made throughout all our lifetimes are housed in these records accessible only by the individual.”

She accesses client’s records to help them rediscover who they are at the soul level, clear negative karmic patterns and begin living the life they truly desire, learning who their soul was created to be at its origination by our Divine Creator. Hidden talents and life purposes are uncovered, relationship issues resolved and restrictions in receiving Divine abundance cleared.

By recognizing the negative karmic patterns and how to correct and make new choices, participants can understand the energetic qualities that make up their soul and how to express themselves so they can step into the life they desire. By clearing all the negative karmic patterns that we participate in, we can receive vital force energy and “create abundance and miracles in our everyday lives!” she adds.


For more information or to arrange for a session, call 704-236-1413, email [email protected] or visit

Amy Gray Cunningham Akashic Records Readings - Charlotte Charlotte NC

Amy Gray Cunningham Akashic Records Readings - Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

Soul Realignment What is Soul Realignment®? It is a modality that helps us understand who we are at the soul level—who we were created to be at our soul’s origination. As souls, we i... Read More » 


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