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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

March 2021 Upcoming Issue

FEBRUARY POP:   HEART-CENTERED LIVING - January 21, 2021 Deadline

Feature: Regenerative Farming                                            1474 words

Byline: Sandra Yeyati

Intensive farming practices that maximize yields and profits are disrupting natural habitats, polluting the environment, and depleting soil so thoroughly that the United Nations estimates that only 60 growth cycles remain globally. But from ranchers in Mexico that holistically manage lifestock to North Dakota farmers that plant diverse crops integrated with ruminants and insects, those who work the land are finding ways to regenerate the soil with sustainable practices while still making a living. Innovations include no longer tilling the land, adopting solar energy, eliminating chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and raising crops to sell locally rather than the heavily subsidized grains that are exported.


Healthy Ways: Psychedelic Medicines                                  1000 words

Byline: Linda Sechrist

From the best-selling Michael Pollan book How to Change Your Mind to a raft of studies underway at major universities, there’s increasing evidence that both the public and medical professionals are intrigued by the healing properties of psychedelics like psilocybin, or “magic” mushrooms, and MDMA, or ecstasy. Careful research is uncovering their ability to ease the fears of the terminally ill, soothe the trauma of PTSD, and ease depression and anxiety. If their healing effects are proven by studies, the psychedelics may be able to be prescribed by doctors, but already, the cities of Denver, Oakland and Washington, D.C., have decriminalized psilocybin.


Fit Body: Foam Rollers                                                694 words plus 346 sidebar

Byline: Marlaina Donato

Foam rollers are on a roll, so to speak, with their proven benefits for reducing chronic pain and helping people to recover from workouts. Freom sciatica to pelvic floor dysfunction, there’s a roller for every condition. Easily used at home, they relieve the tension in connective tissue that causes pain, help straighten out posture, boost mood, and even decrease cellulite. With a sidebar offering specific advice on timing, technique and precautions.


Healthy Kids: Boosting Fertility                                      781 words plus 158 sidebar

Byline: Ronica O’Hara                        

More than seven million American women face one of life’s deepest heartbreaks: They want a newborn in their arms, but their bodies are not cooperating. Happily, that outcome is changing for many who are turning to natural strategies. To combat the infertility and miscarriages caused by chromosomal damage in eggs, women are improving egg quality by detoxing their diet, adding specific supplements, and ridding  the house of products that contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on identifying imbalances in the body that create obstacles to bearing a child, and treats those with acupuncture, herbs, supplements and stress-lowering exercises. With a sidebar on how to improve male fertility.


Conscious Eating: Indoor Gardening                                                    700 words with recipes

Byline: April Thompson

With a little light and creativity, anyone can grow edible plants on a windowsill or countertop, putting fresh herbs, tomatoes and peppers just an arm’s reach away. Some crops like garlic, beets and carrots won’t reach maturity indoors, but can still be grown for their tasty greens. Both sprouts and microgreens, both easy to grow, are packed with 40 times the nutrients as their full-grown counterparts. Recipes are included for sprouted hummus; noodle soup with coconut, sprouts and shoots; and a green smoothie bowl.


Green Living: Hemp-Derived CBD                                                                     728 words                                            

Byline: Sandra Yeyati

CBD, the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant, is gathering steam in health research since its legalization for growers two years ago. Already found useful for epilepsy, early data also shows CBD helps with chronic pain and insomnia, and promising studies on anxiety and depression are underway. The best approach for consumers who want to use CBD, say experts, is to start low and go slow, to use the right method to administer it, and to make sure quality control standards are met.


Natural Pet: Overweight Dogs                                                                               710 words

Byline:Julie Peterson

More than half of U.S. dogs are overweight or obese, putting them at risk of joint problems, cancer, diabetes and kidney disease. As tempting as it might be to give Fido heaping bowls of food and lots of treats for cute tricks, it’s better for the dog’s health to give it smaller portions of higher quality organic raw food, and to get it on an exercise schedule that builds over time.

Inspiration: The Four Invitations of Grief                                                              430 words

Byline: Jasmin Jenkins

The deaths of her mother when she was a teenager and of her brother 10 years later pushed Jasmin Jenkins into a deep exploration of grieving.  She  has found four invitations that lay within it: The invitation to pause, to honor and remember our loved ones; the invitation to connect with our breath to ground outselves; the invitation to feel, to allow emotions to arise naturally; and the invitation to heal, including asking for help. Grief, she says, is a sacred pathway into a deeper connection within our hearts.

Eco Tip: eBikes                                                                                                     330 words

To pollute less and exercise more,we can  trade out our gas-guzzling vehicle for an electric bike. Powered by pedaling and an electric motor, it can go as fast as 20 to 28 miles per hour and actually confers as many cardiorespiratory benefits as a conventional, non-motorized bicycles.

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