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Help in Growing Food at Home in the Charlotte Area

With spring nipping at our heels, the urge to plant is upon us. Now is the time to grow spring greens, root vegetables, onions, herbs and plant perennials like berry bushes and asparagus. Whether one lives in an apartment, townhome or a home with a large backyard, it can be daunting to start growing food at home, especially if one is new to the journey. The practice is rooted in patience and rich in rewards. For those looking for coaching and guidance, consider reaching out to The Patio Farmer, a small business based in Charlotte.

Erin Hostetler, owner and farmer of The Patio Farmer, has worked on farms of all shapes and sizes. She is a firm believer that everyone can grow food at home, no matter how much (or how little) space they have. Specializing in container and raised bed growing, they offer consultations, installations and custom maintenance plans for home vegetable growers.

The Patio Farmer can assist with year-round growing goals, including seed starting indoors, growing microgreens and more.


Visit to book a consultation, place an order, join the Plant Club or learn more about the full line of services and offerings provided. Follow @thepatiofarmer on Instagram and Facebook for daily plant tips and growing advice.

The Patio Farmer - 9042 Mount HollyHuntersville Road Huntersville NC

The Patio Farmer - 9042 Mount HollyHuntersville Road, Huntersville, NC

The Patio Farmer provides Consultations, Installation assistance and custom Maintenance Plans to help YOU grow food at home, no matter what kind of space you have! With over 5 years of fa... Read More ยป 


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