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Tai Chi and Qigong Certification Program in the Charlotte Area

Camilo Sanchez, L. Ac, MAOM, will begin leading a six-month, weekly, authentic tai chi for mind and body fitness certification program from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on March 30 at the Empower Life Center, in Pineville. The classes will qualify participants to teach tai chi and qigong safely and effectively in many separate health and wellness settings.

Curriculum will include the principles of tai chi practice; its philosophy; foundational exercises for loosening the muscles and opening the joints; how it improves health, anatomy and body mechanics; qigong exercises; main tai chi stances, stepping and other movements; tai chi’s teaching methodology; and the Chen Tai Chi 18 movements short form. 

Regular practice of tai chi, a mind and body exercise and fitness system, can help reduce chronic muscle and joint pain, stress, anxiety and blood pressure levels; balance blood sugar; improve balance, concentration and mood; increase energy levels and bone density; and strengthen digestion.             

“Today there is an increasing trend in the health and fitness area for a more holistic approach to fitness,” says Sanchez, a 20th generation tai chi and qigong master instructor and direct lineage disciple under 19th generation Chen Tai Chi Grand Master Zhang Xue Xin, of Beijing. “People are looking for an alternative to pumping iron and intense aerobic exercise routines.”


Location: 14136 Lancaster Hwy. For more information or to register, call 704-542-8088, email [email protected]  or visit

Empower Life Center - 14136 Lancaster Hwy Charlotte NC

Empower Life Center - 14136 Lancaster Hwy, Charlotte, NC

We are a mind and body wellness center committed to guiding and empowering the innate ability of your body to heal and experience sustainable wellness. At the Empower Life Center we pr... Read More » 


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