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April 2021 Upcoming Issue

APRIL EARTH DAY ISSUE: The Human Health Costs of Climate Change PLUS Healthy Home - March 18, 2021 Deadline

Feature: The Human Costs of Climate Change                               1,520 words                                                                                       

Byline: Sandra Yeyati

With every new wildfire, hurricane and flash flood, people are understanding that the warming of the planet has dire and immediate consequences for human health, yet the new realities also offer the opportunity for global transformation and justice. On the public policy level, we need to hold polluters responsible and invest in clean energy, mass transit and mitigation solutions. On a personal level, we must make consumer and lifestyle choices based on sustainability. 


Green Living: How to Detox the House                                                   690 words

Byline: Yvette C. Hammett

With so many of us spending unprecedented amounts of time at home with our families, it’s critical to ensure our domicile is as healthy as possible. Some smart steps including encouraging  ventilation; swearing off of air fresheners; ridding the house of PFAS chemicals found in non-stick cookware, water-repellent clothing and stain-resistant fabrics; cleaning out chemical-laden cleaning products; testing water supplies; and getting a water filter if necessary. A new app also makes it easy to check on toxins in cosmetics and food.


Healthy Ways: Allergy Remedies                                                          728 words

Byline: Ronica O’Hara                        

The misery-making sniffles and coughs of allergic rhinitis affect one in five Americans, not just in spring but year round, from exposure to mold, dust mites and pet dander. Instead of OTC antihistamines and decongestants, which cause unwelcome side effects, relief can be found using natural approaches that include probiotics, sublingual immunotherapy, quercetin, stinging nettles, omega-3s, nasal rinsing, acupuncture, homeopathy and doing a thorough anti-allergen house cleaning. 


Fit Body: Eco-Fitness                                                                           700 words

Byline: Marlaina Donato

From donning Earth-friendly activewear to stretching on recycled yoga mats, both professional athletes and everyday people are increasingly working out with the planet in mind. That also can mean urging sports venues to go green, picking up trash while jogging and switching to a sustainable plant-based diet. 


Healthy Kids: Kids Out in Nature                                                      779 words plus 287 sidebar

Byline: Ronica O’Hara                        

Increasingly indoors and tethered to screens, today’s children are more prone to clumsiness and muscle weakness than previous generations, but a remedy right at hand is getting them out into nature, which offers proven physical, emotional and mental payoffs. Parents are rising to the occasion by taking their kids to nature trails with binoculars, bug jars and scavenger lists in hand—as well as using strategies that open kids’ senses to the great outdoors like open-air art and foraging for edibles.


Wise Words: Sheryl DeVore on Appreciating Wildlife & Nature                                             736 words

Byline: Randy Kambic

The award-winning nature and wildlife writer talks about how climate change is disrupting migratory bird patterns, how the pandemic is making people appreciate forest preserves and parks, why small changes in backyard plants can help the environment and why, by saving endangered species, we can save ourselves.


Conscious Eating: Spring Clean Your Body                                  683 words plus recipes

Byline: April Thompson

The urge to “spring-clean” our bodies arises naturally after the sluggishness of winter, but the wisest strategy for a detox program is to use it as a jumpstart to new habits, not as a short-term fix. This means eating more cruciferous vegetables and fibrous foods, drinking more water and fixing healthy smoothies. Fasting for a few days or intermittently is another tool for detoxification, but for a comprehensive detox, it’s best to consult a health practitioner to develop a personalized plan.  


Natural Pet: Our Feathered Friends                                                  753 words

Byline: Julie Peterson

Sure, they can be loud, and depending on their history, they can have potty mouths. (And don’t teach them to say Fire!) But birds like parrots and budgies are beloved as companion animals, appreciated for their intelligence, ability to delight and entertain, and their way of forming bonds with humans. They do require special foods, exercise and stimulation, but in return, they can actually snuggle. 


Eco Tip: Our Need for Trees                                                          372 words

Trees that soak up carbon dioxide are important tools to slow down climate change, yet tropical and subtropical forests are being decimated at an alarming pace. To do our part, we can avoid buying products linked to deforestation, pressure lawmakers to enact zero-deforestation policies, donate spare change from credit-card purchases to a tree planting nonprofit and participate in local public or virtual Arbor Day festivities the last Friday in April.

Inspiration: Tips to Create a Calm & Peaceful Home


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