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Option for Relief from Snoring in the Charlotte Area

Jun 30, 2021 10:00AM ● By Richard Van Gurp

A common reason for poor sleep is snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Both of these medical conditions involve a collapse of the upper airway during sleep. Depending on whether one just snores or actually has sleep apnea, there are several options for treatment for the causes of sleep-disordered breathing, a highly common one being Oral Appliance Therapy.

The modality involves wearing a customized oral appliance that rests on the teeth. Its purpose is to ease the lower jaw forward and stabilize the lower jaw, tongue and soft palate, thus preventing the collapse of the airway and making breathing easier while sleeping.

Nightlase is quickly becoming a popular standalone procedure for patients that want to reduce their snoring and get a better night’s sleep for both themselves and their bed partner. For snoring alone, there’s no need for machines, dental devices or surgery. The laser is safe and effective. While patients often relate that the procedure only feels like sipping a hot cup of coffee, the laser effectively shrinks specific tissues in the mouth and throat to open up the airway, thus reducing the likelihood of snoring. Studies on Nightlase have shown it to be a highly effective method to stop snoring with one in Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery journal finding that 95 percent of patients treated with it experienced improvements in their snoring.


Richard Van Gurp, DDS, DABDSM, is the co-founder of The Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea located at 1000 Copperfield Blvd., Ste. 154, in Concord and 3111 Springbank Ln., Ste. F1, in Charlotte. For more information and to make appointments, call 704-220-1930, email [email protected] or visit

The Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea - 3111 Springbank Ln Ste F1 Charlotte NC

The Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea - 3111 Springbank Ln Ste F1, Charlotte, NC

Welcome to The Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea The Center for TMJ and Sleep apnea has strived to provide attentive care that meets every patient's needs and concerns. With advanced traini... Read More » 


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