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The Ongoing Dilemma of Fibromyalgia, Neuralgia and Chronic Pain Sufferers

Aug 31, 2021 10:07AM ● By Ivonne Peck

Fibromyalgia/neuralgia is a disorder that affects mostly women and their muscular and neurological system by affecting the way their brain and/or central nervous system processes pain. Pain is magnified and usually develops after any type of trauma, dental work, illness or even stress. The spinal cord and nerves are impaired and consequently send out signals of intense pain throughout the body.

Sufferers deal with various illnesses that this condition brings such as occipital neuralgia  tension headaches, TMJ  Trigeminal NeuralgiaIBS along with the mental stress that promotes anxiety, depression and even suicide. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but there are various ways that people have tried to obtain relief.

A healthy diet, vitamins or supplements and exercise are encouraged. Desperation for relief drives some to seek doctors or pain management specialists that write scripts for pain. Whether it be antidepressant medications, nerve blockers, brain or facial invasive surgery to ease or relieve the pain, some relief comes at a cost. People in extreme pain tend to be open to many types of treatment. Many are beginning to take CBD as a way of reducing pain, anxiety and stress and to avoid the side effects of medications commonly prescribed for these conditions. People are discovering the benefits of CBD as a method of treatment to assist in the reduction of certain neurological problems.

Ivonne Peck is co-owner of 
Your CBD Source  located at 10416 E. Independence Blvd., Ste. 610 in Matthews, and a chronic pain sufferer. She belongs to fibromyalgia, trigeminal, peripheral neuralgia, and chronic pain groups and has an in-depth understanding of the struggle with chronic pain. For more information and a CBD consultation, call 704-443-7003 or visit

Your CBD Source - 10416 E Independence Blvd Ste 610 Matthews NC

Your CBD Source - 10416 E Independence Blvd Ste 610, Matthews, NC

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