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Try For the Love of Dutch Natural Dog Food

Jan 01, 2022 05:41PM ● By Martin Miron

Christi Busch, owner of For the Love of Dutch since 2017, is a unique combination of dog lover and certified reiki practitioner. After raising three happy basset hounds of her own, she left a corporate career to bring her mindful, holistic approach to transform the health of dogs in our region. She earned Canine Nutrition Certification from the Academy of Natural Health Science in December 2019.

Busch is also a fierce advocate for sustainably raised, locally sourced produce and meats, as well as the relationships with local farms and farmers that make them possible. She states, "All of our recipes are made with nutrient-rich fresh, seasonal produce and sustainably sourced meat from local North and South Carolina farms. We use organic as much as possible because it is healthier and easier on our pets’ organs since it is free of pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. It’s a special and conscious choice we make to deliver a diet more nourishing to your pet’s digestive system. We also offer a variety of blends to alternate between to optimize your pet’s health."

Her goal is to be as Earth-friendly as possible while providing a healthy alternative to commercial dog food. "There are other ‘homemade’ and fresh dog food brands in the marketplace, most of them national brands that ship across the United States. What makes us different is that we are focused on providing a wholesome and fresh food for dogs all the while supporting local and regional farms and farmers who believe in sustainability and environmentally friendly farming practices," says Busch.

"This means that the meat we purchase is from animals who have been grass-fed and/or pasture-raised as well as humanely treated throughout their lives. Our produce is mostly from Carolina farms, is all organic, and all from farms that are sustainably and environmentally focused," she explains. "When you buy from us, you are not only feeding your dog food that is natural and nutritious, but you are also supporting our local and regional economy and those farmers and helping protect our environment. Instead of shipping our food across the country, we deliver our freshly made food straight to your door on Thursdays of every week, and we sell at Pet in the City, on Monroe Road, here in Charlotte. As we grow, being locally and regionally focused will always remain a core value of ours."


Purchase For the Love of Dutch online at or from Pet in the City located at 9600 Monroe Rd. For more details on the origins of For the Love of Dutch, visit

For The Love Of Dutch - NA Charlotte NC

For The Love Of Dutch - NA, Charlotte, NC

Ready-to-serve, handcrafted food for your dog made with fresh, seasonal produce and sustainably sourced meat from local Carolina farms. For the Love of... Local & Organic All of... Read More » 


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