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Innovative Body Contouring at TrueCare Health in North Charlotte

The popularity of non-surgical body contouring is rising. A 20-to-40-minute office procedure performed on the belly, upper arms, chest, double chin, thighs and other areas, it reduces waist size, builds abs, tightens skin and eliminates excessive fat, and features no down time for the client.

A major player in this new, innovative approach is TrueCare Health and Wellness, in the north Charlotte area. Heading the clinic is South Carolina native Noble Thomas, Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner, who believes that clients are in charge of their own health and “we are here to help them achieve their healthcare objectives.” He believes in finding and addressing the cause of the symptoms and not simply treating symptoms. The practice also focuses on maintaining an optimized and healthy weight and achieving overall wellness using a functional medicine approach.

Thomas started his career at the Sickle Cell Foundation, first as Clinical Research Pharmacist and later as Newborn Screening and Outreach Coordinator. In 2008, he became among the first pharmacists to receive mid-level medical provider status and is a Diplomate of the Anti-Aging Health Practitioners Board. 

People often choose body contouring to look and feel thinner or to attain a certain shape, applied to specific areas of the body when diet and exercise aren’t working. It can also improve loose, saggy or wrinkled skin that occurs with aging.


Location: 6487 Morehead Rd., Harrisburg. For more information or for a low-cost consult that’s applied to future services, call 704-909-0355, email [email protected] or visit

True Care Health and Wellness - 6487 Morehead Rd Harrisburg NC

True Care Health and Wellness - 6487 Morehead Rd, Harrisburg, NC

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