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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Charlotte Area Spirit and Sound Offers Free New Client Consultations

Barb Griggs has relocated Spirit and Sound from Michigan to the Charlotte area and offers both virtual and in-person sessions. She is a licensed Spiritual Healer and a Certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner and Coach who uses Spirit Communication as a guide when using Solfeggio Tuning Fork techniques to reduce the physical and mental stresses that have impacted so many people.

Her expert use of the tools can assist in the positive change of digging deep and releasing difficult and toxic aspects from our lives that no longer serve us. Griggs invites us to have our energy revitalized; chakras cleared and opened; and balance established instead of burnout in our mind, body, and spirit. 

She also offers intuitively created aromatic support using 100 percent pure, fragrant oils as additional means of quietly helping clients to relax, refresh and focus on new directions. 

“Let’s ‘name those dragons’ and start the path to clearing, healing, and reclaiming our potential,” she says. “Let’s reawaken the strength and commitment necessary to honor your journey.”


For more information or to book a free initial consultation, call 248-321-6098 or visit 

Spirit and Sound - PO Box 5, Charlotte, NC

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