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Natural Awakenings Charlotte in the Charlotte Area Offers Scalar Energy Aids

Local company produces Scalar Energy Imprinted Wellness and Awareness Aids. Through a “radionics” procedure, scalar energy (also known as zero-point energy which is a form of electromagnetic energy) imprints specialized frequencies that can address such conditions as allergies, pain, sleep problems plus provide EMF protection and many other benefits. 

Unlike other scalar energy products composed of volcanic materials or other minerals that may have naturally occurring radioactivity, Sonny and Leslie Carl use a radionics device to imprint crystals, holograms, gems, metals, water and more. 

“We are not jewelry designers, we are people who take our mission of helping people very seriously,” they say. “We work to produce simple, yet attractive aids that are effective in improving your life, both physically and spiritually.” 

Leslie started working with Rife and Radionic machines in the early 80s when she was a lab tech for a naturopathic doctor. She also worked with Ed Skilling, one of the pioneers in the frequency and electronic medicine fields. She brings considerable knowledge in herbs, food as medicine, body electricity and lymphology. 

Sonny has been a metaphysician for 53 years as well as a psychic, channel, writer, teacher, publisher, and public speaker. 

Readers can obtain a 15 percent discount on their first complete order by using coupon code NAM522 upon checkout. Free shipping is also provided. For more information on all wellness and spiritual awareness aids and to place orders, visit or email [email protected]

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