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Men Need to Prioritize Emotional Health

Men have been taught for generations the art of neglecting their own emotional needs. Recognition of emotions has been equated with weakness, and because of this, men have become far more emotionally unbalanced than women that are taught to pay closer attention to how they feel. Many men complain of physical imbalances in the body, and while very real, they are more often than not rooted in an emotional imbalance—which is why they do not fully heal—because they are not addressing the root issue.

Natural health providers can address emotional imbalances with many non-toxic methods that allow the body to come into balance while respecting its systems such as homeopathy and flower essence therapy, which balances emotions energetically. Brain tap incorporates both sound and light therapy in one device to help the brain re-synchronize the brainwaves. Meridian therapy and chiropractic care also works wonders in promoting connection of the spinal cord with the brain to transfer information.

We can take charge of our emotional health at home by doing simple things like breathing. Oxygen properly flowing through the body can do wonders for health.  Meditation and reflection allow the brain to calm itself down, and earthing (walking barefoot in grass) literally connects the body to the earth for a proper charge.

Darryl Roberts, ND, is a practitioner at Haas Wellness Center, located at 3315 Springbank Ln., Ste. 102, in Charlotte. For appointments, more information or to set up a no-charge consultation, call 704- 837-2420, [email protected] or visit


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