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Takeaways from Childhood Experts: Some Sound Strategies for Child-Raising

Mother pushing young child on swing outdoors

Orione Conceição/

  • Expose kids to different cultures and countries to broaden their horizons and instill compassion and tolerance.
  • Encourage unstructured playtime, spontaneity and social interaction, while allowing kids to also value solitude and the enjoyment of their own company.
  • Foster creativity with such strategies as simple arts and crafts, keeping a nature journal, taking up a performing art, taking virtual museum tours or learning about the history of an art form.
  • Schedule time in nature for fresh air and plenty of physical activity.
  • Don’t overthink parenting. Like children, parents learn as they go, and it’s a collaboration.
  • Cheer effort more than ability. Instill their striving for personal excellence without adding any expectation or pressure.
  • Practice self-care and be an example of what living a healthy, joyful life looks like.
  • Provide a predictable, low-stress routine; encourage participation in household chores and enforce boundaries.
  • Teach children a sense of gratitude.
  • Provide kids with tools to manage everyday emotions with simple mindfulness practices, calm breathing and engaging the senses.
  • Encourage children to express themselves and communicate their feelings and needs.
  • Teach kids that good health is wealth.


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