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Charlotte Area SupraGanic Health Offers Sleep-Enhancing Medallion

Sonny and Leslie Carl of SupraGanic Health now offer a breakthrough device in improving sleep quality. Their simple, inexpensive yet effective frequency medallion can be placed in a pillowcase under a pillow and the frequencies that are emitted can help regulate our circadian (sleep) rhythms, reduce anxiety and depression, enhance production of niacin, melatonin and serotonin in the body and ease the brain into a delta state of deep, dreamless sleep.  

“Poor sleep is a major contributor to poorly functioning days,” says Sonny. “It robs you of energy and increases your vulnerability to stress and numerous ailments.” He adds the product can be used “forever, it doesn’t run out.”

They have spent a lifetime working with scalar energy, frequencies and all forms of spiritual and healing energy. Their mission is to provide scalar energy wellness aids and healing options that don’t involve drugs or invasive surgery.

Cost: $20 with free shipping. To order the product, visit For more information on all scalar energy wellness aids, call 704-920-0963, email [email protected] or visit

SupraGanic Health - 8590A Sunset End Ln Kannapolis NC

SupraGanic Health - 8590A Sunset End Ln, Kannapolis, NC

Whatever exists in the universe has a vibrational pattern. All objects vibrate at a certain frequency, people, plants, musical notes and each of the organs of the body. When this frequenc... Read More » 


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