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Charlotte Area TorchBearer Tachyon Offers Discounts, Sweepstakes

TorchBearer Tachyon recently opened in Cornelius and founder and Chief Illuminator Adrienne Craighead is offering special ways for the meditation therapy to be experienced throughout this month. Along with their community-wide discount of 30 percent off, Natural Awakenings readers can enter a special sweepstakes with the lucky winner receiving a free, 45-minute session. All sweepstakes participants will also receive a 50% off one-time-use promo code to purchase a session. 

Tachyon Living specialists combined have been studying and working with energy for 50-plus years and in an in-depth basis for the last 12 years with tachyon fields. The tachyon chamber uses a proprietary method which comprises the use and variance of different alloys, elements and crystals to emit the ​tachyon particles symbiotically in a very high-powered state.

The process helps clients achieve theta brainwaves when meditating—the deepest and slowest conscious waves that Tibetan monks practice for years to master—so clients can experience a deep and efficient meditation that positively effects their body, energy, emotions and mental health.


Use promo code FEB30 to obtain discount when booking appointment using online calendar at To enter sweepstakes, email name, mailing address and mobile phone number to [email protected] by Mar. 8. Also use email and website for more information. Winner will be notified on Mar. 10. All sweepstakes participants will be emailed a 50% off promo code. Location: 20200 Zion Ave. 

TorchBearer Tachyon Chamber - 20200 Zion Ave Suite 11 Cornelius NC

TorchBearer Tachyon Chamber - 20200 Zion Ave, Suite 11, Cornelius, NC

TorchBearer Tachyon exists to help humans achieve greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment. The founders discovered the amazing benefits of tachyons while on a personal... Read More » 


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