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TorchBearer Tachyon Provides Special Offer for Men in the Charlotte Area

While holistic health choices benefit everyone, the founder of TorchBearer Tachyon, Adrienne Craighead, has noticed a prevalence of women in the metaphysical space. “After observing client behavior for the first eight months of our business opening to the public, we’ve documented that over 90 percent of the people visiting the chamber, booking 45-minute experiences, purchasing tachyon products and becoming members are women. Therefore, to encourage more men to experience the benefits of tachyon, we are offering them a unique discount from now through the end of July.”

The tachyon chamber uses a proprietary method which comprises the use and variance of different alloys, elements, and crystals to emit the ​tachyon particles symbiotically in a very high-powered state. The process helps clients achieve theta brainwaves when meditating—the deepest and slowest conscious waves that Tibetan monks practice for years to master—so clients can experience a deep and efficient meditation that positively effects their body, energy, emotions, and mental health.

Whether for Father’s Day or any other time or for any other man in the next two months, the special $77 voucher for an introductory 45-minute session can make an ideal gift. 


Location: 20200 Zion Ave., Ste. 11, Cornelius, North Carolina. Use promocode AWAKE30 at to book a session at the special discount. For more information, email Craighead at [email protected] or visit the website. 

TorchBearer Tachyon Chamber - 20200 Zion Ave Suite 11 Cornelius NC

TorchBearer Tachyon Chamber - 20200 Zion Ave, Suite 11, Cornelius, NC

TorchBearer Tachyon exists to help humans achieve greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment. The founders discovered the amazing benefits of tachyons while on a personal... Read More » 


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