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Evoke Divinity Valentine’s Retreat in Great Smoky Mountains

Evoke Divinity's Reverend Will Nichols, an Ordained Minister with the Alliance of Divine Love, a QHHT specialist, drug abuse therapist from Brighter Tomorrows Counseling and a member of the international Kambo Association and Initiate of Kriya yoga, will conduct a special retreat following Valentine’s Day from February 16 to 19 in the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina. The highly transformational and spiritual experience, utilizing Sacred Medicine from Mother Earth, will include Two Hapé Ceremonies, Two Emotional Release Breathwork Journeys and Two Loving Healing Plant Medicine Ceremonies with the God Molecule. Regular retreats in the Great Smoky Mountains and the Bahamas will take place throughout 2024. In the Charlotte area, personal ceremonies, Guided Healing Mushroom Journeys and Quantum Healing Through Past Life Regression (QHHT) Therapy following the Dolores Cannon method are also offered.

The activities, that’ll also include individual healing sessions, are especially helpful for those dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma and who want to raise their vibration, to learn how to adopt a daily spiritual practice and safely integrate sacred plant medicine into everyday life.

“We are here to help build and guide each individual into their higher self, a place of love, light and happiness that promotes inner beauty and wisdom as a whole while perpetuating a permanent lifestyle change,” says Reverend William Nichols “This is what grounds you; this is what promotes your everyday happiness. Step into the new world, walk in the true light of your divine nature and spread love and light to everyone you see.”


Cost for Valentine’s Retreat and retreats throughout 2024: $3,333.33/couples (shared room), $2,222.22/person (own room). Local options: personal ceremony: $444.44; Guided Healing Mushroom Journey: $222.22, QHHT: $222.22. For more information or to register, call 803-554-1831 or email [email protected]

Evoke Divinity - PO Box 5 Charlotte NC

Evoke Divinity - Charlotte, NC

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