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Wellness, Wholeness and Holiness in Charlotte

Now is the time to request wellness care in our schools, churches and legislature. The passion of Nurse MarlinPrimary Health-Care of Charlotte, P.A., is to prevent disease and its complications that arise from a lack of affordable care. With 57 years of experience in neonatal, pediatrics and adult intensive care units, she understands that the unserved, underserved and uninsured use ICUs when their unmonitored conditions become highly escalated. To fill the need for affordable care, she opened a community nursing center in Charlotte 36 years ago and continues to serve all that seek wellness for themselves and their families. This Parent/Child Clinical Nurse Specialist and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner involves the whole family, church and community in assessing, planning, implementing, evaluating and following up on the client care she brings to the world in Jesus’ name. 

She also hosts the weekly cable TV show on channel 21 Wellness, Wholeness, Holiness and a weekly radio program on WDRB.

She gives free checks of blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and blood sugar on the third Friday of each month from 3 to 6 p.m. Physicals for college, camp, sports, marriage and other needs cost $60; TB tests, cholesterol, blood sugar checks and urine analysis, $40.


Primary Health-Care of Charlotte is located at 508 Beatties Ford Rd. For more information or to make an appointment, call 704-347-1172 or visit

Primary Health-Care of Charlotte, P.A. - 508 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC

Opened in 1987 by founder, owner and CEO, Nurse Marlin, Primary Health-Care of Charlotte, P.A. provides holistic health care for the unserved, underserved and uninsured. - Physicals - F... Read More » 


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