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Pollinators Are Not Pests

Feb 29, 2024 09:35AM ● By Justin Orders

Many people are keen to the very issues pollinators face today. Beekeepers with acres of land or those living in a city apartment all have the responsibility and opportunity to help them. The biggest factor is loss of habitat and food scarcity. Many species of pollinators are very specific about what they can and cannot eat. When we take away the plants they need to survive, such as the milkweed for monarch butterflies, they can even face extinction.

One solution is planting flowers and plants native to our region that support these essential creatures. By creating pollinator corridors and gardens, we give insects and animals a source of food, and in some cases, a place to live or produce offspring. We might be surprised by all the insects seen in the garden after growing different species of plants and flowers.

Honeybees can travel up to two miles for a food source. That means we will likely see any honeybee that lives within a mile radius of our garden. It is quite rewarding to know we are doing our part once this begins to happen. We can also observe them and gain respect for their purpose to feed on and pollinate the garden—and then extend that vision to crops and jungles all over the world.

Certified beekeeper Justin Orders, owner of Queen's Orders Honey, sets up and hosts hives at residences and businesses throughout the Charlotte region as well as providing beekeeper training. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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