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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

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Queen's Orders Honey

Apiary located right on the border of Charlotte and Huntersville, servicing all things honeybee related. Started in 2021, our mission has always been about securing a future where bees are part of the picture. With the growing concern of "bees dying at alarming rates" over the last few decades, founder of Queen's Orders Honey, Justin Orders, wanted to do everything he could to help. This started with a one hive in 2018 and has grown into just over 40 hives now in 2023. Our mission is still about saving and helping bees while also allowing for others to get the experience of beekeeping in their own yard with our Hive Host program. Clients can rent a hive and have all the perks of having bees without all the trouble. At the end of the nectar flow in July, the clients then get all the honey produced by their hive that year without having to lift a finger. Want to learn how to keep the bees yourself? We offer that too with our New Beekeeper Training Program. We can also educate your groups or families on the importance of bees with our "Let it Bee" presentations. Pretty much anything bee-related, we've got you covered, and yes that means honey too!