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Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching for Perimenopause in Charlotte

Megan Hively, owner of Megan Hively Wellness, has begun offering Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching for Perimenopause, a three-month, one-on-one program focused on the transition from monthly cycles through menopause, either in-person at iShine Yoga and Wellness, in Huntersville, North Carolina, or via Zoom. Participants will receive individualized recommendations to help address specific symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and fatigue, both effectively and naturally.

The program includes an intake session, personalized recommendations, periodic check-ins, email support and more including a six-month membership to her online community. 

By being empowered in their transitioning journey, clients will experience the transformational impact of prioritizing their health and wellness through the guidance of Hively, a board-certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Also, a 500-hour experienced yoga instructor and a certified personal trainer, Hively is focused on women’s health incorporating ancient techniques and modern insights. She helps participants create harmony within, addressing both physical and emotional aspects; and cultivate a sense of peace and vitality by incorporating Ayurvedic principles into their daily routines.

Location: 16507 Northcross Dr., Ste. C, Huntersville and virtually on Zoom. For more information or to register, call 980-272-7038, email [email protected] or visit

Megan Hively Wellness - 16507 Northcross Dr Ste C Huntersville NC

Megan Hively Wellness - 16507 Northcross Dr Ste C, Huntersville, NC

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