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Identifying and Resolving Blockages to Healing

Jun 28, 2024 09:41AM ● By Camilo Sanchez, LAc, MAOM

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, six in 10 adults in the United States live with a chronic disease such as heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, respiratory diseases, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disorders or cancer. This equates to over 51 percent of Americans having at least one identifiable chronic condition, a number that’s expected to rise to 170 million by 2030. This epidemic of chronic disease raises an important question as to why the current medical model has been so ineffective at preventing and correcting the incidence of chronic diseases.

Holistic medicine offers a different perspective on the occurrence and treatment of chronic diseases. The human body is designed to maintain homeostasis, or a steady state of physiological function. Our immune system continuously surveys and responds to both external and internal challenges. Chronic diseases result from ongoing stressors that burden mitochondrial enzymes, compromise cellular energy production and disrupt the body’s innate ability to self-regulate and maintain homeostasis. Essentially, chronic diseases occur when the immune system is overwhelmed and can no longer compensate for these stressors.

Stressors can originate from external sources such as environmental toxins, infections, food additives, radiation and drugs, or internally from metabolic processes. Diseases, therefore, are the body’s defense system response to eliminate and neutralize these burdens. These stressors, or “obstacles to healing”, fall into five main groups:

1.     Environmental Toxins: Ubiquitous in our environment, toxins such as petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, heavy metals and drugs disrupt our biochemistry and healing ability. Many are carcinogenic.

2.     Chronic Infections: Many infections are not fully resolved and create chronic disease by forming biofilms that protect them from the immune system. These pockets of infections, termed Chronic Pathogen Colonization (CPC), release waste products and toxins that continuously burden the body’s defense system.

3.     Focal Diseases: These are chronic infections or inflammations in specific areas like teeth, gums, sinuses and organs. They demand constant attention from the immune system, depleting its resources over time.

4.     Emotional and Mental Stress: Unresolved emotional conflicts and chronic stress signal a constant threat to survival, creating an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), hormones and immune system. 

5.     Radiation and Geopathic Stress: Exposure to electromagnetic signals from electronic devices like cell phones, computer monitors, and Wi-Fi networks places a heavy burden on the immune system, disrupting homeostasis.

To address these chronic, unresolved diseases, various bioenergetic and biofeedback technologies have emerged in the past two to three decades. These technologies communicate with the body at a sub-sensory level, helping to evaluate and correct major blockages to healing. By sending specific electromagnetic signals and recording the body's responses, these devices operate on the principle of spectral similarity—the similarity between the stress signal and the body’s response. They identify potential stressors and recommend natural supportive therapies, including herbal, homeopathic, nutritional, bioenergetic and frequency therapies. These interventions help the body heal, repair, regenerate and restore natural homeostasis.

Camilo Sanchez, LAc, MAOM, owner of 3Nergy Wellness, located at 14136 Lancaster Hwy., in Charlotte, is a licensed acupuncturist with a master’s degree in Oriental medicine, author and teacher of qigong, tai chi and Taoist yoga. For more information or to make an appointment, call 704-542-8088, email [email protected] or visit

3Nergy Wellness - 14136 Lancaster Hwy Charlotte NC

3Nergy Wellness - 14136 Lancaster Hwy, Charlotte, NC

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