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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Founded 2022

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Sonny and Leslie Carl

Scalar Health Enhancement Center

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You or your business can purchase session hours at the wholesale rate of $25/hour. Then, you can donate them to the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church for a tax deduction of $45/hour. (As an example, buy 100 hours for $2500 and receive a $4500 tax deduction when you donate them to the Church) No minimum or maximum as to how many hours can be purchased and donated. (Donated hours are used to assist people who need help but can't afford it.)

For more information and to utilize this offer, go to; For more information on Free Spirit Humanitarian Church, go to;

For a limited time, March 16 - April 13, we are offering 6 session hours in the EESystem for just $200! That’s a savings of $70 off the normal price! (Not meant for use by Veterans, whom already receive a discount.) When you purchase this Deal, you will receive a multiple-use coupon code that you can use when you are booking your next appointments. There is no expiration date. The total amount on the coupon is the full $270, but you only pay $200 for it. 🙂 Happy Easter!

Not for veterans as they already have special discount rates.