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New {LOVE} CELL-20 Program for Schools, Communities

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, artist Britoni Burdett recently designed a “new and improved, love-infused virus,” known as {LOVE}CELL-20. Last April, she and her best friend Brooke McMahan co-founded and launched it, a dedicated space online to unite the world, one {LOVE}CELL at a time.

 “Together, let’s spread positivity, love and help brighten the days for healthcare workers, seniors, patients and people within our communities, while also giving children, young adults, adults and seniors the opportunity to create with a sense of connection to the world in a positive way,” states Burdett, an artist, Reiki Master, founder and spirit keeper of the{LOVE}CELL.

 When Burdett, living in Denver, North Carolina, was first introduced to the image of the coronavirus, she immediately envisioned hearts at the end of each cell’s tentacle. During a restless night’s sleep in March, she sketched her vision while holding an intention to send love out to the world. After several weeks of brainstorming for a proper name for it including sharing her creation with friends, she received a call from McMahan and they arrived at {LOVE}CELL-20, #myLOVEcell.

 “I had just gotten home from my three-week honeymoon in Bali, when Britoni shared her sketch with me,” says McMahan, a realtor and psychology student. Recognizing how important upholding love was with so many people she encountered during her trip, “I thought this {LOVE}CELL is something [everyone] needs to help feel more connected to each other.” 

 “I feel overjoyed to have partnered with my bestie, as we embark on a new journey together, with a heart-centered intention, to share and spread love,” adds Burdett.

 The duo developed an early childhood educational program and have contacted teachers, administrators, counselors and therapists throughout the country. {LOVE}CELL-20 embodies a fun yet educational and therapeutic way to connect with families, local and distant communities, students and therapy patients in a creative and unique format. By sharing one’s beautifully colored, healthy {LOVE}CELL, it’s people’s way to connect with love, a smile and inspire joy from one’s heart to the world, while social distancing keeps us apart.

 People can download for free the #myLOVEcell template at, bring their own {LOVE}CELL to life with color and then dedicate and share it. 

 “As a child survivor in losing my father to mental illness, I also felt the toll this ‘stay-at- home’ time could take on everyone’s mental health,” says McMahan. “Humans need love, to feel loved, to give love and to exercise using that part of the brain that sparks creativity to counteract depression. Putting this into the hands of teachers and counselors to share with children, young adults and their families became my focus and our first initiative.”

The {LOVE}CELL is currently being conducted at an ever-growing number of schools in eight-plus states with lesson plans highlighting such topics as what love means to healthy cells, mental health, science, math, writing, art and the art of giving.

 Spreading awareness of the mental illness crisis is a shared goal for Burdett, a severe traumatic brain injury survivor. The program “will help people of all ages move through their fears in a different way.”

 The {LOVE}CELL is a controlled activity that helps provide mental stability and helps show us, individually, that we have and can be in control of our own health: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually,” adds McMahan.

 Future enhancements are expected, including possible partnerships with mural artists in the U.S. and other countries to paint the {LOVE}CELL, as the duo seeks to make an impact wordwide and inspire others to live a heart-centered life based on love, not fear.

 “It fills my heart with joy to imagine that anytime someone experiences a {LOVE}CELL, it becomes a keepsake, a gift and a little reminder that all the love we need is within each of us,” concludes Burdett.

 Along with the website, for more information, including for teachers, parents or counselors interested in bringing the program into a school, email [email protected]. Also visit them on Facebook and Instagram. 

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