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They Did It Their Way: Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook Ends On a High Note

Nov 02, 2020 04:52PM ● By Shannon Mc Kenzie

Marsha G. Cook and Heidi E. Kent, co-owners of Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook, “a mystical space in the heart of Davidson” that offers classes and services that reintroduces people to the power within, have decided to close the business as of December 1 after 11 wonderful years. Natural Awakenings interviewed the pair on the history of Kent-Cook and their future plans. 


NA: How did Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook come to being? Did you intend to open it as it is structured today or did it evolve to what it is?

MC, HK: We started the institute, originally known as “The Nook” as a result of the need we saw for a spiritual place of learning. Through the many years, The Nook evolved from a spiritual meeting place to a 501(C-3) non-profit institute accredited by The World Metaphysical Association and The American Council of Holistic Healers. This enabled us to provide diplomas in spiritual healing, mediumship and esoteric philosophy.


NA: How do you feel Kent-Cook has helped the Charlotte area over the years?

MC, HK: The Nook has helped our local area by being one of the first to introduce little understood subjects in an educational environment. Our curriculum has ranged from quantum physics to discussions on Atlantis, as well as a psychic development program. We have a very strong counseling program, called Clearing The Grid©. which has helped people with physical, emotional and spiritual problems come to better balance. We also provide spiritual psychic readings including tarot, palmistry, numerology and bringing in spirit loved ones and guides.


NA: What do you see as your greatest business highlights?

MC, HK: The Nook’s greatest business success is its longevity. When we started 11 years ago, we did not anticipate the growth or the amount of time we would operate. Over the years, we brought in master teachers from around the country and internationally to speak on and teach metaphysical subjects including Max The Crystal Skull and Pancho, his associate. We have certified mediums, tarot readers, palmists and numerologists, as well as reiki and energy healing practitioners.


NA: Why have you decided to close at this time?

MC, HK: As we mentioned before, we didn’t anticipate operating for so many years so at the beginning of this year as we looked at the last year of a very long lease, we decided to metamorphosize and not be tied to a brick and mortar school. We knew it was time to go out and explore. With the onset of COVID-19, we had confirmation that the universe had sent us in the right direction.

We want to express that we are so grateful to our teachers for their loyalty, dedication and the limitless sharing of their infinite knowledge. We are so grateful to our staff, donors and volunteers who have seen us through so many years and kept The Nook sparkling, cheery and attractive.

We have loved being a bridge between the mundane and the etheric. Please know we are a simple phone call away if and when you need us. We will continue The Clearing The Grid© program and other counseling services, life readings as well as private lessons.


NA: How can readers experience Kent-Cook Institute in your last month of operation?

MC, HK: The public as well as our NookSters are welcome to all of our classes through the end of November. Please find our schedule of classes on our calendar at When you go to our webpage, you can also find online classes by clicking on the big purple button.

When you arrive at The Nook, we take your temperature, masks are mandatory and hand sanitizer is available everywhere. Following each class, all surfaces, furniture, pens and clipboards are sanitized as well.

As Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra sang so beautifully, “we did it our way, and now the end is near and so we face the final curtain.” It is time for us to retire to the next adventure. To listen to this classic, visit YouTube


Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook is located at 400 N. Harbor Place Dr., Ste. C in Davidson. For more information, call 704-896-3111, email [email protected] or visit Following the closing of The Nook, to reach Heidi E. Kent, call 423-300-8618, email [email protected] or visit; and Marsha G. Cook, call 704-516-3198, email [email protected] or visit


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