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Staying Healthy Over the Holiday Season

Nov 03, 2020 09:26AM ● By Michael Smith

The holidays can derail even the most health-conscious, but for people recently diagnosed with diabetes and aiming to reverse it naturally, the season may feel more daunting than ever, but also offers an opportunity to be transparent about a recent lifestyle change. Whether due to a recent diagnosis or a lifestyle change, this is a great time to communicate the news with friends and family. It could be a chance to inspire a loved one to make the health changes, too.

Talk to the host: Avoid potential embarrassment or feeling rude by speaking with the host prior to the event. Simply disclose food restrictions and offer to bring a dish that everyone can enjoy.

Fill up on vegetables, protein and fat: Swap crackers for vegetables and pair them with a guacamole or cream-based dip. Turkey and most vegetable side dishes are fine. Avoid sugar-covered sweet potatoes or offer to bring a healthy version of the dish. When it comes to dessert, try offering something new for everyone to try. Fat bomb desserts (see Pumpkin Spice No-Bake Energy Balls) are a healthy, delicious option that can also help curb cravings. If sugary drinks are the norm, bring some sparkling water and fresh lemon and lime slices.

Eat before attending: It’s more difficult to make good choices on an empty stomach. 

Plan non-food related activities: Hosts can plan fun events like charades or trivia that don’t involve food. 


Dr. Michael Smith, ND, is a naturopathic physician in Charlotte who specializes in reversing diabetes and other chronic health conditions naturally. He offers a free discovery call at 704-486-2448. For more information, visit

Carolinas Natural Health Center - 1114 Sam Newell Rd Ste A Matthews NC

Carolinas Natural Health Center - 1114 Sam Newell Rd Ste A, Matthews, NC

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