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April 2021:


Green Profiles 2021

Green Profiles 2021

Learn more about Charlotte area businesses and organizations working hard to reduce our collective carbon footprint Read More » 


Local Area Earth Day 2021 Events

Local Area Earth Day 2021 Events

Celebrate Earth Day 2021 With Live and Virtual Events Read More » 


Charlotte Sustainability Awards to Benefit Sustain Charlotte

Charlotte Sustainability Awards to Benefit Sustain Charlotte

There’ll be the awards ceremony honoring local businesses, government agencies and nonprofits; networking opportunities; a raffle; and welcoming remarks by Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles. Read More » 


Earth Day Event at Kings Mountain Preserve

Earth Day Event at Kings Mountain Preserve

Kings Mountain Preserve, in Blacksburg, South Carolina, will present its first annual Earth Day Festival from noon to 6 p.m. on April 24. Read More » 


Eco-Friendly Home Design in the Charlotte Area

Eco-Friendly Home Design in the Charlotte Area

Claudia Ricciardone offers general consultations and full-service interior design, including residential new construction and remodels Read More » 


Special Timely Offer by Lake Norman Area A Greener Clean

Special Timely Offer by Lake Norman Area A Greener Clean

In time for spring cleaning, A Greener Clean is offering new initial cleaning bookings for bi-weekly customers at the same price as a “maintenance” clean (over a $150 value) plus mention ... Read More » 



Climate Change and Our Health: The Human Costs of a Warming Planet

The warming of the planet poses immediate dire consequences for human health. Here are ways to prepare, adapt and mobilize for climate change to build resilient, thriving communities. Read More » 



Healthy Home: How to Detoxify a Living Space

Ways to detox our homes by purging them of toxins—gases, inhalants or fumes—in the indoor air, cleaners, kitchenware and water that may be contributing to a harmful environment. Read More » 



Eco-Athletes: Working Out with the Planet in Mind

Professional and recreational athletes alike are increasingly working out with the planet in mind. Here are some sustainable ways to put eco-fitness into action. Read More » 


image courtesy of Meraiko

Nature to the Rescue: Kids Come Alive Outdoors

Take the entire family exploring outdoors with these fun ideas to get children actively involved with nature in ways that open their senses while also moving their bodies. Read More » 


Sheryl DeVore on Appreciating Nature and Wildlife

Award-winning science, health and nature author Sheryl DeVore discusses being more aware of our outdoor environment and the need to preserve it. Read More » 



The Benefits of Planting Trees: More Foliage Means Lower Temperatures

The restoration of trees is among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation. Here are some ways to take action against deforestation and support the planting of trees. Read More » 



Spring Cleaning the Body: Simple Ways to Detox Naturally

Shake off the sluggishness of winter and jumpstart new healthy habits by “spring cleaning” the body with these healthy detox and cleanse diet tips. Read More » 


saac benhesedUnsplashcom

Nations Band Together to Preserve One-Third of the Planet

More than 50 countries have united as the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People (HAC 30x30), avowing to preserve 30 percent of the planet’s land and oceans by 2030. Read More » 


sarah brownUnsplashcom

Deforestation Alert System Mitigates Climate Change

Global Forest Watch, a free application, uses satellite imaging to detect and alert deforestation activities, a key factor of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and climate change. Read More » 



Discarded Safety Gear Used to Build Highways

Researchers have formulated a new road-making material comprised of a mix of shredded single-use face masks and processed building rubble designed to meet civil engineering safety standards. Read More » 


March 2021:

Free Earth Day 2021 Events Calendar in April Issue

Free Earth Day 2021 Events Calendar in April Issue

Enter your Earth Day 2021 Event in our online calendar and we will also publish in our April print issue for free Read More » 


Green Businesses in Mecklenburg Union and Gaston Counties - Sustain Charlotte Special

Green Businesses in Mecklenburg, Union and Gaston Counties - Sustain Charlotte Special

Let eco-conscious readers in Charlotte and Greater Charlotte know you are a green business, and at a discount as a partner or member of Sustain Charlotte Read More » 


Home Improvement Contest Using Repurposed Materials - Entries To Date

Home Improvement Contest Using Repurposed Materials - Entries To Date

Check out some of the amazing home improvement projects Charlotte/Gastonia area residents have completed Read More » 



Down to Earth: The Promise of Regenerative Organic Farming

Regenerative organic farming holds great promise to rebuild soil, draw carbon from the atmosphere and ultimately grow healthier food. Read More » 

Help in Growing Food at Home in the Charlotte Area

Help in Growing Food at Home in the Charlotte Area

Erin is a firm believer that everyone can grow food at home, no matter how much (or how little) space they have Read More » 



Indoor Edible Gardening: Grow Veggies, Sprouts and Microgreens Year-Round

With a little light and creativity, anyone can grow edible plants indoors on a windowsill or kitchen countertop, making fresh herbs, sprouts and greens available year-round. Read More » 



Plug and Pedal: The Benefits of Using Electric Bikes

An Earth-friendly alternative for work commutes or pleasurable neighborhood spins is the e-bike, powered by pedaling and an electric motor. Read More » 



Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol: A Primer on the Latest Research

The latest research on the proven health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the effects on anxiety and depression, how to get started, ways to administer and more. Read More » 


georg lehnererAdobeStockcom

Caribbean Offshore Drilling Threatens Florida Beaches

The Bahamas Petroleum Company has begun exploratory oil drilling 150 miles from South Florida despite warnings of the potential for severe or catastrophic impact if a spill occurs. Read More » 



The Benefits of Renewable Geothermal Energy

Despite its enormous potential, geothermal energy supplied just 0.4 percent of U.S. electricity in 2019. Read More » 

daniel prudekAdobeStockcom

Hazardous Pollutants Found in Mount Everest Snow

Manmade perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been detected in snow at the top of Mount Everest, posing a risk for trekkers, climbers and residents that drink the water. Read More » 


pyvovarova yevheniiaUnsplashcom

Saving Coral Reefs Worldwide

The International Coral Reef Initiative has urged governments to take action to save the planet’s remaining coral reefs and their attendant fish populations. Read More » 


lisa fotiosPexelscom

Honey Bees Have a Dirty Secret

Although honey bees symbolize sustainability and are vital to farmers, they also have a distressing effect on the environment—destabilizing natural ecosystems by competing with native bees. Read More » 


quintin gellarPexelscom

Economical Carbon-Neutral Jet Fuel

Researchers have developed a carbon-neutral way to produce jet fuel using carbon dioxide as a main ingredient. Read More » 


February 2021:

e katerinapichukovaAdobestockcom

Saying ‘I Do’ to the Planet: Green Weddings Embrace Sustainability

Ways to green up your wedding through eco-friendly, sustainable invitations, venues, flowers, vegan food, favors and other planning details. Read More » 


lena shekhovtsovaPexelscom

Earth-Friendly Engagement Rings

From conflict-free or ethical diamonds to inherited pieces or alternative gems, here are green, sustainable and meaningful options for engagement rings. Read More » 



Climate Change Makes Hurricane Destruction Worse

Research suggests hurricanes will remain stronger and persist longer after making landfall, causing greater and more widespread destruction, because of ocean waters heated by climate change. Read More » 


markus distelrathPexelscom

Europe Tightens Methane Emission Monitoring, But U.S. Does Not

62 oil and gas companies acting as the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Oil and Gas Methane Partnership have adopted framework to report methane emissions, but none of them are in the U.S. Read More » 


life of pixPexelscom

Low-Carbon Cement Offsets Climate Change

The manufacture of cement creates up to 8 percent of the total global carbon dioxide generated by humans, but a variety of approaches are being explored to lower these worrisome emissions. Read More » 


victoria strukovskayUnsplashcom

Plastic Particles Ingested in Food and Water

Researchers estimate people that drink bottled water ingest an additional 90,000 microplastic particles annually compared to 4,000 microplastics for those that drink only tap water. Read More » 



Childhood Immunity Enhanced by Natural Environment

Research finds that switching a child’s playground from gravel to natural forest floor could foster a better immune system by exposing them to a greater variety of skin and gut bacteria. Read More » 


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