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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Founded 2001

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Haas Wellness Center - Charlotte, NC

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I have been a patient of Dr. Haas' for over a decade. He has treated me for health challenges ranging from structural (chiropractic) to more complex issues relating to diet, nutrition, and allergies. He is a compassionate doctor who listens carefully to his patient's needs and provides a high quality service. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for holistic healthcare in the Charlotte area!

Service on Nov 29

I have been seeing Dr. Roberts on a consistent bi-weekly schedule for the past 2 months and I am truly impressed with the progress I have made within a short period of time. His knowledge and intuitive approach combined with the technology he uses is top-notch. I have not experienced a naturopathic practice like this and I'm glad I found it! My digestive system/ leaky gut is healing, I am more alive with energy, have deeper sleep during the night and I'm calm and peaceful on the inside. I actually smile more for no reason and I like that! I haven't felt this good in years and this is just the beginning of my treatment plan that we've outlined. Thank you Dr. Roberts, I look forward to a lifetime of Health in your hands. Sincerely, Janell Marie

Service on Jul 14

My kids went for new patient appointments this morning. They enjoyed and felt comfortable with the entire office staff. I'm impressed with the thorough testing and while Dr. Haas will go over the final results in a follow on appointment, some of the initial finding made a lot of sense. Highly recommend Haas Wellness Center!

Service on Aug 13