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Realizing Oneness by Raising Consciousness

Nov 30, 2020 12:04AM ● By David Hulse

As we collectively strive toward realizing the oneness of humanity, we must recognize the role of crisis as an evolutionary driver guiding us toward new co-creative solutions to issues that separate and divide us. By questioning established ways of looking at the world and exploring new perspectives, we can break out of old patterns and emerge with a more enlightened vision.

HearLight Spiritual Center focuses on raising consciousness by upgrading original assumptions and redefining them with an enlightened understanding that is more supportive to us in navigating today’s world. By questioning and upgrading our root assumptions, we free up energy to help anchor the higher frequencies of incoming fifth-dimensional consciousness. Dr. Brian O’Leary tells us, “We are on the threshold of our own transcendent evolution!” Enlightened thinking is all around us, yet we are experiencing some of the greatest crises in human history.

Which brings us back to Barbara Marx Hubbard’s idea that, “Crisis precedes transformation, and challenges are evolutionary drivers.” The level of our individual, political, economic and global crises indicate the intensity of the transformation we are entering. Based on the level of chaos we are experiencing in all those areas right now, we must ask ourselves whether we are prepared for the level of transformation we are about to experience.

Remember, the caterpillar does not go through crisis and transformation to emerge as an enlightened caterpillar; it goes through the crisis of breakdown to transform into a newly evolved species.

We are individually responsible for contributing to the collective story of a better world by doing the work of raising our consciousness and living our lives as though oneness is a root assumption. Through this individual crisis and transformation process, we can evolve to join with others that have also awakened and begin living the transformed life of global peace, brotherhood and oneness.

David Hulse is the spiritual leader at HeartLight Spiritual Center, located at 7300 Mallard Creek Rd., in Charlotte. For more information, call 704-599-1180 or visit

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