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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Founded 2001

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Haas Wellness Center - Charlotte, NC

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I have been seeing Dr. Roberts on a consistent bi-weekly schedule for the past 2 months and I am truly impressed with the progress I have made within a short period of time. His knowledge and intuitive approach combined with the technology he uses is top-notch. I have not experienced a naturopathic practice like this and I'm glad I found it! My digestive system/ leaky gut is healing, I am more alive with energy, have deeper sleep during the night and I'm calm and peaceful on the inside. I actually smile more for no reason and I like that! I haven't felt this good in years and this is just the beginning of my treatment plan that we've outlined. Thank you Dr. Roberts, I look forward to a lifetime of Health in your hands. Sincerely, Janell Marie

Service on Jul 14